3 Fall Cocktails to Try on Your Las Vegas Pub Crawl

While exploring Downtown Las Vegas, you may begin to notice a crisp chill in the air coming through. During the day and evenings, this can be the ideal temperatures to hit the streets of Las Vegas and explore all the great things this city has to offer. If you find yourself feeling a bit chilly during your DTLV adventures, making a stop into one of the many pubs can be a fun way to warm up. Here are three fall cocktails to try out on your next pub crawl.

3 Fall Cocktails to Try on Your Downtown Las Vegas Bar Crawl

Whiskey Manhattan

This classic cocktail can be enjoyed year round but is especially warming during the cooler months of the year. Made with whiskey, vermouth and bitters you can ask the bartenders to put a fall twist by using an apple whiskey such as crown apple and a berry flavored vermouth. The sweet flavors mixed with the warming tastes of the whiskey make this the perfect cocktail for fall.

Spiked Hot Chocolate

If you find yourself at Park on Fremont, one drink you have to try is their specialty drink: Dirty Girl Scout. Made with peppermint schnapps, dark créme de cacao, hot chocolate and topped with whipped cream, this drink will have you feeling like you are cozied up to a warm fire in seconds.

Apple Pie Shots

Nothing screams fall like warm baked apple pie. While you may not be able to find a bar that can serve you up a slice, at Gold Spike, you can have the next best thing. Their apple pie shots taste like fall in a glass. Their pre-made mix has subtle notes of cider and a cinnamon whiskey and will definitely get the fall festivities rolling.

With fall being the perfect time to take a ride down Fremont to all the best bars in Downtown Las Vegas, be sure to book your next adventure with Vegas Pub Crawler.