dtlv people

People You’ll Meet on Your Downtown Las Vegas Bar Crawl

It doesn’t matter if you’re simply visiting Las Vegas or if you’ve lived here your whole life—we all understand by now that running into some interesting people in Vegas is inevitable. When traveling the Strip, you’ll most likely see a flood of tourists fixated like moths to the bright neon

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alcohol laws

Alcohol Laws around the World

We’re familiar with 21 being the legal drinking age in America. It’s something we look forward to growing up, the day we finally get to buy a beer. However, for just about everywhere else in the world, that age is a bit strange. With most other countries’ alcohol laws, people

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first time vegas experience

Where to Take Your Out-of-Town Friends in DTLV

Living in a tourist city like Las Vegas is a special and unique experience. Many people make your city a destination to get away and vacation. Even more so, if your friends come in town to explore, chances are they want to meet up and have you tag  along while

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future dtlv projects

Here’s What to Expect from DTLV in the Near Future

A lot has happened since the Downtown Project started. Downtown Las Vegas has witnessed a complete transformation and recovery into something everybody can enjoy. And it’s only getting better. While we continue this upwards journey, here’s one future DTLV project after another. Future DTLV Project s Arts District plaza Downtown

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drinks for a 21st birthday

3 Mandatory Cocktails to Order when You Turn 21

If you’re reading this because it’s your 21st birthday and you need ideas, happy birthday! Now, let’s pretend that you actually waited until you’re of age to start drinking. You need some perfect drinks for a 21st birthday. Hopefully, you and your friends are exciting enough to have a Las

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Las Vegas hidden bars

3 Hidden Pubs Downtown Keeps on the Hush

As you may already know, speakeasies were the hip, go-to hangouts in the roaring 20s during Prohibition years. Today, they are even more rare and have become cool hangout spots for hipsters and culture drinkers alike. Downtown Las Vegas has a vast number of bars for locals and visitors to

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container park activity

Lie Down and Watch a Flick at the Dome Theatre

Container Park is a fascinating place. It’s a whole park inside Downtown Las Vegas made out of shipping containers. You may have heard of it. Anyway, did you know you can watch movies while lying down inside a shiny dome? It’s the perfect Container Park activity for a hot summer

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atomic cocktail

How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Atomic Cocktail

When you think of a terrifying 20km-wide nuclear fireball raining deadly radioactive particles across the Nevada desert, having an atomic bomb party probably isn’t the first thing that crosses your mind. In fact, most places in America “ducked and covered” at the thought of an A-bomb going off—that is, save

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container park

Reasons to Visit Downtown Las Vegas Container Park

Have you ever thought about what a bunch of shipping containers would look like if converted into a shopping district? Right here in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, you can experience the genius level design that is Container Park. Why You Should Stop by Container Park Las Vegas Looking

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first friday mural

First Friday at Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District

Spring is on its way and you know what that means… No, not the squelching Las Vegas heat. It means that First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District is almost here. Get to Know First Friday First Friday is one of the largest arts and culture festivals in the

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